Who I am: In short, I am a Christian, father of three, Systems Administrator & Engineer, PowerShell advocate, Sound engineer

Where am I now: As of April of 2013 I am now a System Engineer for a private financial firm. My team is responsible for all trading related servers that run Windows Server. My focus is on improving manageability and  automation with these servers. Most of my effort to accomplish this is done with PowerShell.

Before now: For six year I was a system administrator and IT team lead for an organization that provided Software as a Services (Saas) applications to the K-12 education space. My responsibilities were all in the corporate infrastructure arena. The infrastructure was 100% Microsoft except for the ESX hyper-visor, EMC Storage units, and Cisco phone system. Here is where I was introduced to automation and ease-of-management needs even a small infrastructure requires. This is also where I began to learn and use PowerShell to try and accomplish those management goals.



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  1. Sheila Akers

    Hi, I got your info off NetSuite blog and saw your a Cisco UCCX customer. I am a voice specialist with Cisco and looking for a customer that would be willing to talk to a potential customer looking to purchase exactly what you have but wants to talk with a current customer that has both. It looks like your doing some data base integration which is what my customer is interested in discussing. They have purchased NetSuite but not installed yet and we have given pricing and all approved except reference call. If you would be willing to talk with my customer would you please send me an email. Much appreciate the help. Thanks Sheila

    1. TechGuyTJ

      Glad to help in any way I can. You can e-mail me at with contact info and time.

  2. David Hall

    Hello TJ – i would love to talk to you about your Cisco UC system and integration with NetSuite if you are available. Please shoot me an email back if you are ok with discussing this.

    thank you

    1. TechGuyTJ

      David, I am available. Please e-mail me at with contact info and a time you would like to set up a phone call.

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