Nov 22

Philly PowerShell User Group – Nov. 1

Our second of the newly created Philly PowerShell User Group was on November 1st. Our turn out was better than expected due to Super Storm Sandy. Our topic for the month was showcasing new features in Server 2012 and PowerShell v3. I gave a presentation titled “From Nothing To Something”. The premise was simple: build a server with Windows Server 2012. I covered the types of Installs, and the new intermediate install Minimal GUI which is not an install option in the install wizard. I also highlighted what features are available in Minimal GUI as compared to Full GUI. I demoed the process of taking a Server 2012 Core machine to Minimal GUI to Full GUI and then back to Server Core without re-installing the OS. Here are the PowerShell commands I used.

Note: I used the -Source parameter to access the Server 2012 ISO on my Hard Drive for faster and easier access.

Going to Minimal GUI:

It is not a requirement to be at Minimal GUI to go to Full GUI but for demo sake I used the machine I just took to Minimal GUI to Full GUI

After finishing the Full GUI install I then took the server back to Core.

However when you execute the Get-WindowsFeature cmdlet you will see that many of the Minimal and Full GUI bits are still available instead of removed. To remove them I added the -Remove parameter.

This will help keep the machine from wasting disk space with features that can’t be used under server Core.

My Slide Deck is Here and our meeting notes are Here

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