Aug 23

Server 2012 Core Static IP Address issue

I am having a hard time figuring this one out. I am attempting to setup the iSCSI network for my Hyper-V host. I installed Server 2012 (RTM) Core and added the Hyper-V role. However setting the static IP for this adapter is not going so well. Here is what is being shown.

I have tried many different things. I have run the following two command to see if that would fix it.

and then run the Get-NetIPaddress cmdlet again and get the same output as above. One odd setting that I am seeing in the output is that the addressState on the 169 address comes up with perfered, while the 10 addressState says Duplicate. I haven’t found anyplace that I can change this. This is my iSCSI network that I am trying to set up. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Sanford Olson

    Was the NIC connected? The 169.254.x.x range is for disconnected NICs

  2. Axel

    I suppose you may have find a solution at this time. For anyone else who reads your post with a similar problem. I resolved this issue by changing my staitc ip, there was a duplicate ip on the network. After that everything ran ok

  3. Reza Etezal

    I just spent half an trying to figure this out. Turns out that the IP I was trying to assign already existed on the network (d’oh!)

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